On September 20, 2008, we held the first of what we hope will be many reunions for Company Members and Staff at the Fallon House Theatre, run as a summer program for many years by the University of the Pacific of Stockton, California. Between the 15 attendees, we had representatives from every summer 1970 through 1980. If you would like to receive information about future gatherings, or would like high res print-quality copies of any photos on this page, please send an email to Kathy Kahn.

Fallon House is now one of two theatre spaces of the Sierra Repertory Theatre,
founded and managed by former U.O.P.-era Fallon House company and staff members.

Above, on the bench in front of Eagle, all 15 of the former Fallon/U.O.P. students who attended our first reunion, September 20, in Columbia. Top row L to R, George Akena, Alison Barnwell Morris, Liz Jacobs, Alex Citron, Michele Panelli Venetis, Janis Stevens, Doug Brennan, Dennis Jones, David Eakin. Bottom row L to R, Sara Walter Jones, Jane Patton, Janet Miller Clarke, Tom Caldecott, Kathy Rainey Kahn, and David Kahn.

Some things never change. The above photo of Alex with The Ladies was taken in 1977. We recreated it in 2008, below.


Above, the five founders of Sierra Repertory Theatre, which will open its 30th season in January. L to R, David Kahn, Kathy Rainey Kahn, Doug Brennan, Dennis Jones, and Sara Walter Jones.Doug, Dennis, and Sara continue to live in the Sonora area and run S.R.T.

Some of us came a distance and stayed in Columbia for two nights. Here, Alison, Jane, and Michele enjoy a pre-breakfast snack at the City Hotel, Michele fashionably attired in a City Hotel bathrobe.

The City Hotel crowd took a walk to the cemetary on Saturday morning. L to R, Liz, Michele, Alison, David, and Jane.

Above and below, Jim Fallon's grave.

Above and below, visiting the grave of Mrs. McConnell, a well-remembered local personage, who died in 2003 at the age of 99. We thought she was ALREADY ancient when we were there 35 years ago. Suddenly 70 seems a lot younger.

Above, the sign in front of Eagle Cotage, where the company and most of the staff used to live when we worked at Fallon House. This trip, we rented the dining room where we enjoyed a delicious dinner catered by Celebration Catering of Sonora.

In front of the entrance to the Theatre, all 14 of the former Fallon participants who attended our first reunion, September 20, in Columbia State Park. Top row standing, L to R, Tom Caldecott, Janis Stevens, Alison Barnwell Morris, David Eakin, Doug Brennan, Liz Jacobs, Kathy Kahn, Dennis Jones, Michele Panelli Venetis. Sitting L to R, Alex Citron, Jane Patton, David Kahn, Janet Miller Clarke, Sara Walter Jones.

At the dinner party at Eagle Cotage, Alex, Dave, Lisa (Dave's wife), and Shelley (Alex's wife.)

George, Jane, Michele

Janet's daughter Joy, Dennis, Janet

Janis, Sara

Doug, Alison

David, Liz

Janet's husband Steve, Tom

Ian Caldecott

Kathy, Liz


Above, at Columbia Cemetary, Liz, Michele, Alison, Kathy, and Jane.

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