THE PUBLISHED WORKS OF SY KAHN: Between Tedium and Terror

pub. 2000
400 pages. 6 x 9 inches. 22 photographs. 9 line drawings
Paper, ISBN 0-252-06908-0.

Available through most booksellers or online from the University of Illinois Press.

Between Tedium and Terror
A Soldier's World War II Diary, 1943-45
Sy M. Kahn
Foreword by Ronald Spector

When Sy Kahn set off to serve in the Pacific during World War II, he was a bookish, naive nineteen-year-old, the youngest in his company. Convinced he would not survive the war, Kahn kept a meticulous record of his experiences as his "foxhole of the mind," even though keeping such a journal was forbidden by military regulations.

Often writing in tents by candlelight, in foxholes, or on board ships, Kahn documents life during four campaigns and over three hundred air attacks. He describes the 244th Port Company's backbreaking work of loading and unloading ships, the suffocating heat, the debilitating tropical diseases, and the relentless, sometimes terrifying bombings, accidents, casualties, and deaths. A detailed record of the daily cost of war, Kahn's journal reflects his increasing maturity and his personal coming of age, representative of thousands of young Americans who served in World War II. (text from the University of Illinois Press website)

Foreward is by RONALD SPECTOR, a professor of history at George Washington University, is the author of Eagle against the Sun: The American War with Japan.

"The compelling diary of a young man from Manhattan during the Pacific campaign--and one of the few WWII diaries published to date. . . . Kahn makes an ideal diarist: objective, observant, with a spicy dash of introspection. A WWII document of note."
-- Kirkus Reviews
"Kahn's diary marvelously captures the daily grind and abrupt excitements of the war, and from an unusual angle. . . . The book continuously engages as it reveals Kahn's distinctive personality and outlook."
-- Publishers Weekly

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