Sy's Kahn's published works include poetry, plays, essays and articles, and a unique WW II diary he wrote as a soldier in the 1940's and published over 40 years later. Some of his works are described below.
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Between Tedium and Terror (University of Illinois Press, 1993)

Written between 1943 and 1945 when teenaged Sy Kahn was a WW II soldier stationed in the South Pacific, this meticulously kept diary is a vivid account of a sensitive young man's experiences through the hell of war. Convinced he wouldn't survive the conflict, he wrote for his loved ones and for his own mental health. He did live through the war, but like many veterans was eager to move on to his peacetime life, and thought very little about this diary until he rediscovered it 40 years later.

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Available for purchase through most booksellers, or through the publisher, the University of Illinois Press.

Further Reflections (Paradigm Press, 2005)

The second collaboration between poet-professors Sy Kahn and Robert Fossum. Published in 2005, this beautifully designed and created volume intermingles the poetry of two men whose lives have continued, in many ways, to mirror each others'.

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Facing Mirrors (Twowindows Press, 1980)

The first collaboration between Kahn and Fossum, this volume was published after they'd been friends for 25 years, and had experienced parallel lives and careers that had prompted them to write poetry about similar subjects.

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Devour the Fire (Twowindows Press, 1983)

The first American edition of an important group of poems by Harry Crosby. Sy Kahn is the editor and wrote the introduction.

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Interculture (1975)

A selection of essays and poetry and a short story by Fulbright scholars.

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Another Time (Sydon Press, 1968)

Poems by Sy Kahn and Roger Mitchell.

The Fight Is With Phantoms (East and West, 1966)

Sy Kahn's poems from the mid-1960s.

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A Later Sun (Sydon Press, 1966)

A collaborative work, poetry by Sy Kahn and Don Gray, with drawings by Betty Bratthauer.

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Triptych (Raymond College Press, 1964)

The three poets in this book were members of the English Faculty at Raymond College, the University of the Pacific, in Stockton, California.

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Our Separate Darkness (Castle Continental Press, 1963)

A collection of Sy Kahn's early poetry, edited by Caresse Crosby.

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